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privacy policy

If it is necessary to facilitate the provision of better services to you, EGNC will require you to provide some personal data information to complete the processing of the above transactions. EGNC undertakes not to disclose the user's personal data information to third parties in any way without obtaining the user's permission, except in the following cases::

1.Government departments, judicial organs and other legal procedures in accordance with the site to disclose users' personal data;

2.Disclosure or disclosure of personal data due to the disclosure or disclosure of a user's personal password to others or the sharing of a registered account with others;

3.Any personal data leaka ge, loss, theft or tampering caused by computer failure, hacker attack, computer virus intrusion or outbreak, temporary shutdown caused by government regulation and other force majeure affecting the normal operation of the network;

4.Other circumstances that should or may be disclosed in accordance with laws and regulations.


1.On the Color difference of Standard products

All standard commodity (non-custom products) pictures are taken in kind, but due to the influence of light (different time period, different background light), shooting mode, different display equipment parameters and other factors, there may be some differences between the picture and the physical color. The product color should be based on the physical effect, and the product color difference is not a product quality problem.

2.On the Color difference of non-Standard Commodities

Due to the effect of the rendering, non-physical shooting, and the parameters of different display equipment, the product color can be different from the physical color. The product color shall be subject to the physical effect, and the product color difference is not the product quality problem.

3.Regarding dimensional differences

All the dimensions of the goods are in-kind measurement results, but due to the factors such as the measurement tool and the particularity of the measurement method, there will be some error in the size of the goods. Please refer to the actual size finally received. The difference in size measurement within the normal range of error is not within the scope of the quality problem.

5.About Logistics Delay

In the process of logistics distribution, if there are force majeure factors (earthquake, fire, etc.), the service time will be reasonably delayed. In the case of communication and notification with customers, customers can not refuse to accept them for this reason. If you have any after-sale or other questions, please contact your exclusive sales in a timely manner. EGNC will be committed to providing you with excellent service.

VIP Application

VIP Application

VIP Declaration of registration agreement

Dear EGNC's customers!

This agreement is a contract between you and the owner (hereinafter referred to as "EGNC") of the EGNC website (" this site ", website address: XXXX) in respect of the website services and other related matters. It has legal effect on both parties. Please read carefully before you are registered as the VIP user of this site and the relevant services of this site, and fully understand the contents of the terms and conditions of the agreements. If you have any questions about the agreement, you can consult with the customer service at this site.

When you fill in the information according to the registration page,read and agree to this Agreement and complete all the registration procedures, you will indicate that you have fully read,understood and accepted all the contents of this Agreement, and reached an agreement with this site to become a registered VIP user of this site. In the course of reading this Agreement, if you do not agree to this Agreement or any of its terms and conditions, you should immediately stop the registration procedure.

Details of the Agreement:

1.Details of the Agreement

1.1The ownership and operation rights of all electronic services on this site belong to EGNC. VIP users agree to all the terms of the registration agreement and complete the registration procedures before they can become full VIP users of the site. VIP users confirm that the terms of this Agreement are contracts dealing with the rights and obligations of both parties and are always in force, and there are other mandatory provisions of the law or special agreements between the parties, in accordance with its provisions.

1.2If the VIP user clicks to read and agrees to this Agreement, he shall be deemed to be able to bear the legal liability independently if the VIP user confirms that he or she has the corresponding right and behavior ability to enjoy the service of this site, place an order and shop, etc.

1.3If you are under the age of 18, you can only use this site with the supervision of your parents or guardians.

1.4EGNC reserves the right to decide to refuse service, close VIP user accounts, clear or edit content or cancel orders to the extent permitted by the laws of the mainland of the people's Republic of China.

2.This site service

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HS Type ER Nuts

发布时间 : 2019-09-18


CN11HS19M14×0.7511.317W17D用于ER11弹簧夹头刀柄 suitable for ER11 collet chuck handle
CN16HS28M22×1.517.525W25D用于ER16弹簧夹头刀柄 suitable for ER16 collet chuck handle
CN20HS34M25×1.51930W30D用于ER20弹簧夹头刀柄 suitable for ER20 collet chuck handle